Disaster Relief for Floods or Storms

Personal Injury & Workers Compensation Claims


February 8, 2011
Don’t be washed or blown away. You CAN get legal assistance for your flood or storm injuries! By: Mark Novakovic Australia, and particularly Queensland, has experienced large scale natural disasters in recent times that have affected thousands of lives and led to costs in excess of millions. Despite the material damage and tragic loss of […]Continue Reading
February 4, 2011
What is a Common Law Claim? and how to proceed to Common Law A Common Law claim is basically when you require an amount for damages sustained for past, present, and future expenses. In relation to a workplace injury, before you can commence a Common Law Claim you are required to carry out requests from […]Continue Reading
February 3, 2011
Hurting  yourself in the workplace can be stressful, embarrassing and may put you in a position where you may not want to lodge a claim as you may feel as though you are being judged or criticised. Sustaining an injury can cause you a lot of grief as you may also not be able to work, carry out day to day duties and keep up with family time, but help is available.Continue Reading
February 3, 2011
Accidents under the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 are classed as slip and fall, private property accidents, poisoning, school accidents, faulty products, sporting incidents, boating and plane accidents, dog attacks, other animal attacks/accidents and more. When sustaining an injury in a public place it is most important to record the incident. The best way to record […]Continue Reading