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Workers Injury Compensation

Workers compensation claims is a legal term that describes a court matter raised by any worker injured whilst at work against his or her employer’s insurance company.

Claims Australia is here to provide you with appropriate contacts for whatever your matter might be. So if you have had an accident at work, sustained a psychological injury from your workplace environment, been involved in a motor vehicle accident travelling to or from work, or during working hours you can be sure that you will receive the right advice through Claims Australia. If you’re not sure what your rights are then it is highly recommended that you contact Claims Australia to seek free legal advice.

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    Know Your Rights

    When suffering an injury at work it is important to know what your rights are whether your injury is temporary, on going or permanent. The legislation differs from state to state in Australia. To find out more about your legislation contact us on 1300 911 142.

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    Employers always have Workers Compensation insurance

    It is mandatory for all employers to take out Workers Compensation insurance to cover all staff. Workplace injuries must be reported to your employers at the time of the injury and it is also important to attend a doctor’s appointment to have the injury investigated and documented. A workplace injury can be life changing so it is very important to discuss what you options are when in this position. Workplace dangers can be avoided but in most circumstances not all risks are obvious and can be over looked, therefore, it is just as much an employee’s responsibility as it is the employers to ensure you work in a safe hazard free environment.

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    WorkCover pay Wages until you return to Work

    WorkCover are put in place to assist the injured worker to rehabilitate and get back into the workforce. This means that WorkCover can pay your wages while you require time off work to recover, paying for approved medical expenses to assist with rehabilitation and also providing you with a suitable return to work plan to build you back up to a normal working life.


    In some cases a workplace injury can be more severe, on going and even be found permanent. In this case it is best to speak to a specialist personal injury lawyer as there are further options for these types of circumstances. For these types of claims there can be STRICT LIMITATION PERIODS so call us as soon as possible so that you can protect your rights!

  • Types of Workers Compensation Claims

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    Workplace Physical Claim

    These can be anything from repetitive strain, ergonomic related injuries, industrial accidents, faulty equipment, heavy lifting, fatalities at work, etc. After an injury is sustained you need to advise your employer and consult your doctor as soon as possible and have your injuries investigated. Investigations maybe some sort of scan to diagnose your injury so you can then be treated for the injury. Your doctor will need to provide you with a ‘Workers Compensation Medical Certificate’ before you can lodge the Application for Compensation claim form. You will then receive a claim number from WorkCover and they will proceed to investigate the circumstances of the injury. Once investigations are complete WorkCover will accept or decline your application. Upon acceptance WorkCover will then pay wages and arrange suitable medical treatment to assist with rehabilitation. If WorkCover reject your claim, then contact us for more information to find out how to have this decision over turned. Once WorkCover find a worker ‘Stable and Stationary’ they will look at closing your claim and expect you to return to work. It is important to seek legal advice before this stage so you understand where to go from here.

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    Permanent Impairment

    WorkCover will request an independent doctor to provide a permanent impairment assessment before closing your case. This assessment can provide you with a ‘Notice of Assessment’. This notice will enclose a break down in percentage form your Work related impairment and there may be a ‘lump sum offer’ included with this. Once you have received a Notice of Assessment you MUST NOT SIGN this document. You need to consult a specialist personal injury lawyer about proceeding with a Common Law Claim. If you do sign this document then you will sign away your rights for compensation which you will need in the future for your injury and which is compensation that you deserve.

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    Common Law Claims

    A Common Law Claim is the most important part of the claims process when being severely injured. This is why we say DO NOT SIGN anything before discussing your rights and options with our specialist personal injury lawyers. When WorkCover makes a lump sum offer, this offer is binding and does not take into consideration any other expenses that you will incur due to your workplace injury. A Common Law claim looks at other damages factors such as, past and future economic loss, out of pocket expenses, future medical expenses and of course pain and suffering. When you factor all these extras in, the lump sum offer provided by WorkCover just won’t cut it for you and your family in the coming years. Again to pursue this claim STRICT LIMITATION PERIODS apply and differ state to state so contact us so we can provide you with the advice to help you understand the legal system!

  • Common Workplace Injuries

  • Back or Spinal Injury ?

  • Burn Injury & scaring ?

  • Asbestos or Mesothelioma Injury ?

  • Loss of a Limb ?

  • Disease ?

  • Loss of Hearing ?

  • Loss of Sight ?

  • Psychological Injury ?

  • Motor Vehicle Injury during Work Hours ?

For more information on these claims or any other type of claim please contact us on 1300 911 142 and we can put you in touch with an injury expert.