Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been a victim to an accident on the road or from a driver’s negligence then you should seek legal advice. Injuries sustained due to a Motor Vehicle Accident include; passengers, pedestrians and the driver not at fault. There are other options available if you were driving or travelling to or from work (depending on the state you were injured), called Journey claims. Please see the Personal Injury Law page (LINK) for more information about Journey claims.

After a Motor Vehicle Injury you should consult your doctor about the accident, and have any aches or pains checked out. The most common injury is whiplash amongst other injuries. Some of these injuries don’t always show straight away and can take time for the symptoms to take effect.

After an accident you need to:
  • take details down about the other vehicle involved, including registration and the driver’s name;
  • make a police report, and
  • consult a doctor as soon as possible to have the injuries recorded

If you are not at fault then you should contact a personal injury expert as you may have rights to pursue a claim for ongoing expenses, damages and pain and suffering through your compulsory Third Party Insurer.