How to Lodge Workers Compo Claims

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How to Lodge Workers Compo Claims

Published on February 3, 2011 in Work Injury


Hurting yourself in the workplace can be stressful, embarrassing and may put you in a position where you may not want to lodge a claim as you may feel as though you are being judged or criticised. Sustaining an injury can cause you a lot of grief as you may also not be able to work, carry out day to day duties and keep up with family time, but help is available.

You’re not alone when suffering an injury in the workplace, that’s why Australia has laws to protect an individual in case an injury occurs and to provide assistance if a personal injury occurs.

To begin a Personal Injury claim, firstly, you must report the incident and see your doctor. While consulting your doctor request a ‘Workers Compensation Medical Certificate’ and complete the ‘Application for Compensation’. Fax this over to the appropriate insurer (this will vary state to state). The insurance company can take up to twenty eight (28) business days to decide whether or not they will accept your claim or to reject it. Don’t be alarmed if WorkCover rejects your claim as there are other options available to claim compensation rather than WorkCover, contact us for more information about this on 1300 911 142.

If your claim is accepted by WorkCover, they may pay your wages while you are off work, they will arrange some medical treatment rehabilitation program to and also a return to work plan. When the the insurer finds that you are stable and stationary, meaning, your injury is not getting any better or not getting any worse they may make small lump sum offer. Also known as a Notice of Assessment (NOA). DO NOT ACCEPT THIS OFFER – NOR SIGN the offer. If you do, you could end your right to future compensation.


Insurance companies produce their payout figure from a computer. They do not take into account:

  • Past medical expenses you have incurred;
  • Future medical expenses you with incur;
  • Past economic loss;
  • Future economic loss
  • Future out of pocket expenses; and
  • Pain and suffering.

Obtaining legal advice about lodging a Workers Compensation claim and receiving compensation is easy through Claims Australia.

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