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Personal Injury & Workers Compensation Claims

About Australian Claims Authority

We offer guidance on claiming Injury-related Financial Compensation

Our Team provides Professional Legal Referral Services to Injured Australians

The Australian Claims Authority is a modern organisation that uses a completely different approach. We do not engage in any unsolicited communication or push marketing of any sort. Instead, we choose to connect with Australian Internet users who are looking for topical information on claiming compensation for injury related accidents. Our referral services apply only to people that we believe to be genuine and as such have cause for concern in finding or selecting a reputable lawyer or solicitor representation.

The content found in our website has been compiled for and applies to applies to Australian residents that have sustained a serious injury or injuries in an accident (within Australia), specifically, people that have been injured at work, in a motor vehicle accident or anywhere else. In most cases, website visitors that connect with us request assistance or guidance for themselves or their family or friends who have been severely injured in an accident within Australia.

Our team can assist any Australian resident that has been injured in a serious accident whilst at work or in transit. In addition to the information we provide on our website, Our organisation also refers Internet users that connect with us and that have a genuine claim to the best possible personal injury lawyer in their area, most of who offer “no win no fee” legal services & representation.

[The term “No Win No Fee”, commonly used in this field of law, is a payment structure used by personal injury lawyers who offer to assist their clients by “covering” their clients’ costs” (all claim costs including lodging and processing claims to medical bills). Personal Injury Lawyers that offer “No Win No Fee” legal services & representation do so as to assist genuine claimants whom, whilst recovering from injury, do not have regular income or adequate funding to afford such expenses. Note, in such circumstances, the lawyer will extract their costs from the final payout that the claimant is awarded].

We endeavour to provide accessible and easy to understand information without too much legal jargon. We also try to keep the contents of our website as up-to-date and relevant as possible and most of all, we strive to make this compensation process easier for people in need and their families.

In saying this, we hope that after visiting our website you have gained some relief and hopefully a better understanding of what is involved with compensation claims relating to accidents and injury similar to yours and what to expect in terms of when and what compensation you may be entitled to.

If you are seeking legal advice about your accident and injuries, please contact us by sending your details from our website or calling our 1300 number. Note, we only assist people that choose to contact us via our website or call us direct.

Written by the team at Australian Claims Authority, helping you during the tough times – take back control of your life!